Translation Services in Dandenong Victoria

As one of the more ethnically diverse areas within Victoria, Dandenong has  significant requirement for translation services and interpreting services. Translationz has local staff in the area that can assist with your needs.

Translation Services in Dandenong Victoria Australia

Translation service in Dandenong Victoria Australia

Dandenong is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, located about 30 km south-east from the Melbourne CBD. It is one of the most culturally diverse areas in the state, with residents from over 150 different countries and speaking over 200 languages. Translationz can help with translation services for the most frequently used languages in Dandenong :

  • English
  • Vietnamese
  • Khmer
  • Cantonese
  • Punjabi
  • Greek
  • Sinhalese
  • Mandarin
  • Arabic
  • Italian

The diversity of languages and cultures in Dandenong reflects the history of migration and settlement in the region. Dandenong has been a destination for migrants since the post-war period, when many people from Europe, especially Italy and Greece, arrived to work in the manufacturing industries. In the 1970s and 1980s, Dandenong welcomed refugees from Southeast Asia, such as Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, who fled the wars and conflicts in their homelands. Recently, the main interpreting services we perform in the region is for people from Africa, the Middle East and South Asia such as Sudan, Somalia and Afhanistan.

The diversity of languages and cultures in Dandenong also poses some challenges and opportunities for communication and integration. Many residents of Dandenong have limited English proficiency or face language barriers in accessing services, education, employment and health care. Some residents may also experience discrimination, racism or isolation due to their linguistic or cultural background. Therefore, there is a high demand for translation and interpreting services in Dandenong, to facilitate cross-cultural understanding and social inclusion.

Translation and interpreting services are the process of converting written or spoken words from one language to another, while preserving the meaning, tone and context of the original message. Translation and interpreting services can be provided by professional translators and interpreters, who have the qualifications, skills and experience to work with different languages and domains. Alternatively, translation and interpreting services can be provided by community members, such as family, friends, neighbours or volunteers, who have the linguistic and cultural knowledge to assist others in their daily lives.

There are many benefits of using translation and interpreting services in Dandenong, such as:

  • Enhancing communication and information access for residents who speak languages other than English, especially in areas such as health, education, legal, social and emergency services.
  • Promoting cultural diversity and respect for different languages and cultures, by acknowledging and valuing the linguistic and cultural assets of the community.
  • Supporting social cohesion and participation, by enabling residents to engage with each other and with the wider society, and to contribute to the social, economic and civic life of Dandenong.
  • Fostering personal and professional development, by providing opportunities for residents to learn new languages, skills and knowledge, and to pursue their goals and aspirations.

There are many sources of translation and interpreting services in Dandenong, such as:

  • Translationz – national organisation with headquarters in Melbourne.
  • Translationz uses translators with qualifications from The National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI), which is the national standards and accreditation body for translators and interpreters in Australia, providing certification, testing, training and recognition for translators and interpreters. NAATI can be contacted by calling 1300 557 470 or visiting their website.
  • We support the Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria (ECCV), which is the peak advocacy body for ethnic and multicultural communities in Victoria, providing policy advice, research, advocacy and community education on issues affecting multicultural communities, including language services. ECCV can be contacted by calling (03) 9354 9555 or visiting their website.
  • The Greater Dandenong Council, which is the local government authority for the City of Greater Dandenong, providing a range of services and programs for the community, including language assistance and translated information. The Council offers interpreters and information in languages other than English through the TIS National service, and also provides information in 14 community languages on their website. The Council can be contacted by calling (03) 8571 1000 or visiting their website.

Translationz provides translation and interpreting services in and around Dandenong and we are supporting the diverse and vibrant community of Dandenong, as we enable communication, information, diversity, respect, cohesion, participation and development for the residents who speak languages other than English.

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